Interesting Recycling Facts

At Vintage Tech, we are all about electronics recycling and making sure we take care of the environment while responsibly disposing of your old e-waste. We’re experts in the industry and come across a lot of the numbers and facts relevant to e-waste. Check out some interesting recycling facts that we have compiled below, some of which may surprise you:


  • In the USA, between 300-400 million electronic items go obsolete every year, yet only less than 20 percent of all of that e-waste gets recycled.
  • On average, each household in the United States has a minimum of two dozen electronic products!
  • Cathode ray tubes found in more dated computers and TVs usually have around 4-7 pounds of lead in every unit.
  • It is considerably more energy efficient to just rebuild older computers, yet only around 2 percent of those oldies ever make it to a new, second user.
  • Recycling a million desktop computers would prevent the unleashing of greenhouse gases equal to the annual emissions of 16,000 cars!
  • Most electronic devices that become e-waste contain a mixture of useful materials, including metals that can be restored for future purposes.
  • Recycling a million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3,657 homes in the United States in one year.
  • By making sure electronics stay out of already overcrowded landfills, responsible recycling lessens energy demands from manufacturing and mining.

Recycling with Vintage Tech is a Proven Fact


Now that you have learned some interesting recycling facts in regard to the electronics recycling industry, you may feel even more motivated to drop off your things with us! It is hard not to get inspired reading how much positive effect electronics recycling has. Feel free to share these interesting recycling facts with your family and friends and then find us on Facebook and Twitter for more on our industry and how you can start making your contribution right away!