April 15, 2014

Importance of Corporate Responsibility in Kansas City

Importance of Corporate Responsibility in Kansas City

It’s vital that we understand the environmental importance of corporate responsibility in Kansas City so that we can keep the beautiful city green and safe. You see, when companies put out any sort of waste—paper, electronics, etc.—it can negatively affect the environment by polluting it. Electronics can be especially damaging because the hazardous materials (like mercury and chromium) many of them contain can get into the air and water if improperly disposed of, which is harmful to plants, animals, and ourselves.  The importance of corporate responsibility in Kansas City goes beyond minimizing pollution though. It also allows valuable resources to be reused, preserving the untapped resources.

Because businesses have so many electronics, if they choose to irresponsibly dispose of them, it can put tons of hazardous materials into the environment all at once (think of all the computers, monitors, and telephones any given office has). That’s not good. Luckily, there’s a solution to the problem of e-waste.

Vintage Tech’s Electronics Recycling Program Makes Corporate Responsibility Easier to Manage

Our MO recycling facility is located right outside of Kansas City in Riverside. We create custom electronics recycling and asset management programs to fit the specific needs of each business, municipality, and school we work with. We’re an e-Stewards certified company and have the data destruction services and equipment to ensure that all sensitive information is completely destroyed from the electronics we accept. Contact us today to take responsibility and recycle your organization’s electronics.  

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