April 14, 2014

Importance of Corporate Responsibility in Illinois

Importance of Corporate Responsibility in IllinoisEver wonder what the importance of corporate responsibility in Illinois is? Well, environmentally, it’s vital that companies take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment and the waste they output. Just like households, businesses will all have some sort of carbon footprint, and the electronics they use have hazardous materials in them, like mercury. By responsibly recycling electronics, this waste will be minimized. At Vintage Tech, we responsibly recycle electronics for individuals, businesses, municipalities, and schools, and our zero-landfill policy works to ensure that all aspects of the products we collect are recycled. We have locations throughout the state, and our headquarters are in Romeoville, IL. 

If Businesses Didn’t Take Responsibility…

Imagine if all the businesses in just downtown Chicago alone didn’t recycle their computers but threw them in the trash that ultimately led to them being put into landfills and the environment. That would put so much toxic waste into the environment! It would be extremely damaging to not only the environment, but also to our health as well.  

Corporations should want to take responsibility for their e-waste to protect the environment and all living things. They should also want to do it to follow e-waste laws currently in place in the state. They should choose to recycle all their electronics, not just their computers, to lessen any negative impact their operations have on the ecosystem.

Importance of Corporate Responsibility in Illinois Made Easy

Vintage Tech provides an easy way to handle the importance of corporate responsibility in Illinois. We provide customized electronics recycling and asset management programs to fit business’ specific needs.  Contact us today to learn more or to set up your recycling program today.

We know how important business’ information is, which is why we offer data destruction services that will ensure that all sensitive data on the electronics we accept is completely destroyed. Our data destruction services and equipment is trusted by banks, global governments, and large corporations. Visit our Data Security page for more information.

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