January 17, 2013

Illinois Citizens Recycled 46 Million Pounds of Electronics in 2012

Vintage Tech would like to congratulate the citizens of Illinois for their amazing recycling achievement. In 2012, Illinois citizens recycled 46 million pounds of electronics, according to an article by This is more than 14 million pounds than were reportedly recycled in 2011. What a great accomplishment!


Not only is Illinois doing a fantastic job of helping the environment, but it is also setting a great example of environmental responsibility. As more states begin to adopt laws that ban improper disposal of electronics, the amount of electronics recycled will hopefully continue to grow.


If you would like to see the amount of recycled electronics increase, consider coordinating an electronic recycling event at your business or school. You could even put together a city-wide electronic recycling drive. Whichever type of event you are interested in, Vintage Tech can help you collect the unwanted electronics. Just take a look at our website to see which services best suit your needs.


Again, congratulations to Illinois. Keep up the good work!