December 5, 2011

How to Set Up Electronics Recycling for a Business or Municipality

Regular computer upgrades at your office could spell disaster for the environment. Research electronic recycling and end the irresponsible production of electronic waste.


Identify Waste Habits

To develop an efficient electronics recycling routine, you’ll need to understand the full scope of waste produced by your company. Work with waste management to collect information on which electronics are most commonly thrown away. Also determine how often electronics are thrown away and record average weight. By calculating basic rates of waste, your new recycling program will properly meet the specific needs of your company. The same steps can be taken by a municipal government employee to improve sustainability at the office.


Organize an Effort

Reach out to other employees to find like-minded environmental enthusiasts. Work with management to recruit effectively through memos and email alerts. Once your workforce has been assembled, get in contact with a certified electronics recycling company. Look for companies that hold R2-certification and membership in the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. Work with recycling center volunteers to schedule a regular drop off date for your company’s electronic waste. Organize transportation efforts with your “green team” to guarantee routine disposal.


Guarantee Data Security

When discarding obsolete technology, data protection is an important consideration. Companies can take a number of measures to ensure the data on their hard drives remains secure. Be sure to identify a recycling center with set strategies for data erasure and asset protection. Many centers utilize popular software, like Blancco, to mitigate the odds of data leaks. Expect a full report of data erasure performed after your donations have been dropped off.


Electronics recycling shouldn’t have to be complicated. Visit Vintage Tech Recyclers online for more tips on how responsible computer disposal service can assist your business. Help your company go green today by calling us at (877) 625-7945 today.