July 18, 2013

How Much E-Waste Could be Recycled in Michigan?

How much e-waste could be recycled in Michigan? That question has been asked in the past couple of years and the answer is still out there. With technology constantly evolving, there comes this demand for a way to healthily dispose of old electronics and e-waste. This is where Vintage Tech Recyclers comes into play.

Vintage Tech Recyclers has a combined 98 years of experience in the electronic recycling industry with its partner and is still building on that experience. With a passion and drive to change the world we live in, Vintage Tech Recyclers is making a difference.

E-waste recycling has been a problem for a long time. Many people just throw out their old printers, desktops, towers, etc. with no idea where they’re going. The ignorance has gone to0 far and now a new initiative has been taking over. How would you answer the question, how much e-waste could be recycled in Michigan?

The answer to this question begins with you. You are the one to take the initiative and make the change that the earth needs. So don’t hesitate. Find ways to help because the earth cannot save itself from the harm that we have caused.

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