September 16, 2013

How much e-waste could be recycled in Illinois?

Ever wondered how much e-waste could be recycled in Illinois?  Vintage Tech Recyclers takes many different types of potential e-waste and recycles it!

At Vintage Tech Recyclers, they have a 100 percent recycling policy.  Every piece of electronic waste that is recycled has one of two things done to it.  It is either taken apart and used to build refurbished electronics, or it is melted down to its raw state.  By recycling unused electronics, you are saving valuable natural resources as well as eliminating environmental damage.

Many electronics are made of valuable natural resources, such as precious metals, plastics and glass.  Many of these materials require extensive energy and resources to manufacture.  However, when electronics get thrown away, so do these valuable resources.  Ultimately, this also generates more pollution because it requires that all new resources be used in order to create new electronics.  Certain electronics, such as monitors and circuit boards, even cause harm to the environment because they contain toxic substances like lead, mercury, and chromium.  When they are tossed in the landfills, it creates an environmental risk. You probably never thought recycling could be so beneficial!

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