September 2, 2013

How does the recycling system work?

Recycling saves valuable natural resources as well as eliminating environmental damage.  At Vintage Tech Recyclers, we get many questions about the recycling process.  We strive to recycle 100 percent of everything that is brought to us whether it is threw breaking down the product or sending parts off to our ISO certified partner.  How does the recycling system work?  Vintage Tech Recyclers has a five step approach to recycling electronics. Here is a breakdown of the recycling process.

  • The first step involves you!  In order for products to get recycled, we need you to bring in electronics to be recycled. 
  • Once the product is recycled, the second step involves dismantling the product, sorting all of its parts, and then sending the parts and pieces out to be smelted or recycled. 
  • The third step involves smelting the parts.  We melt the parts back to their original state and send the melted parts back to a factory to be reused. 
  • In the fourth step, the recycled pieces are sent to a factory in order to build and sell a new product. 
  • Finally, you, the customer, buys the newly refurbished product in the final step.

For more information on recycling, call Vintage Tech Recyclers today at (866) 435-9223.