February 26, 2013

Host a University–Wide Electronics Recycling Event and Save the Environment!

Electronics recycling is more important than ever considering the amount of electronics that people go through each year. For example, Americans reportedly change their phones every 21.7 months, according to a study by Recon Analytics. That adds up!


The problem with throwing away old electronics is that they emit harmful materials into the environment, which is why responsible electronics recycling, such as that done through Vintage Tech, is so important to keeping the environment clean.


One of the easiest ways to make a positive difference in the environment is to host an electronics recycling event at your college or university. Most schools will be more than happy to allow its students to host an electronics recycling event on campus and will even benefit from the positive press it can create.


So how can you go about coordinating a university-wide electronics recycling event? First, rally up a team of classmates to help you with the event and gain permission from your school’s provost or other person in charge. Once you do this and set a date for the event, you can partner with an electronics recycling company through which you can recycle the electronics. After that, you can start advertising the event on campus through your school’s paper and radio and television stations. Get creative with your marketing!


Vintage Tech can help you with your school’s electronics recycling drive and will even make sure that any sensitive material on the electronics is properly destroyed. Plus, Vintage Tech can even buy your school’s used/off-lease computer equipment and then return your school with substantial revenue in return! Learn more here