October 23, 2014

Handmade Furniture Using Recycled Tires

Let’s face it, when someone creates a way to reuse or recycle a product it is a great thing. But when someone takes a recycled tire and turns it into a piece of high tech furniture, that is exceptionally worth noting. RecycleDot has done just that!


What is RecycleDot?

RecycleDot is furniture handmade from jute rope, pale wood, four adjustable metal legs and a recycled tire. Add in bluetooth wireless speakers and you have an eco friendly piece of heaven.

Is that it? Nope. They also added the following:

  • Rechargeable Battery- For more than 12 hours of use
  • Presence Detector- Move to within a couple of feet of the tabouret, and a blue light glows underneath, providing a luring invitation to sit down.
  • Pressure Detector- You accept the invitation and sit down. The pressure detector turns off the blue light.
  • Waterproof coating- Indoors or out, use it whenever and wherever you want

Where can I get mine?

Hold on, you didn’t think you were going to just hop online and order one (or two), did you? Although you can’t get one now, they are raising capital to fund the business, you can participate in their crowdfunding and be notified when they are available.

RecycleDot is now crowdfunding at IndieGoGo: RecycleDot: World’s Smartest Handmade Furniture.