March 27, 2013

Front Door Pick-Up Service







Request Form for Pick-up / Call – 866-631-1707

Vintage Tech Recyclers has launched a FREE at home electronic pick-up service for residents of Will County.

When your old electronics need to go, give us a call and we will pick them up from your front door! All material is brought to our facility in Romeoville. A portion of the material is tested and/or repaired for REUSE as the number one step in keeping landfills free of electronics. All remaining material is dismantled at our facility or an affiliate within the United States.

Why Free?

Due to recent Illinois state legislation, electronic manufacturers are required to cover the cost of recycling their products. Manufacturers contract with Vintage Tech Recyclers to recycle their products responsibly. These contracts help cover our costs and by doing so allow us to provide programs like this for FREE.

Acceptable Electronics Include:

Main Items     Other Acceptable Items
Max of 10 Total per Pick-up        No Limit
Computers                                           Wire/Cables Scanners
Laptops Computer Parts Microwaves
CRT & LCD Battery Back Ups Cell Phones
Monitors Mouse CD/VCR/DVD Players
Printers Keyboards Stereo Equipment
Televisions MP3 Players Fax Machines
  PDA’s Video Game Consoles

Call us with any questions regarding acceptable electronics!

Request Form for Pick-up / Call – 866-631-1707

Unacceptable Items: Light bulbs, household hazardous materials, home appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, coffee makers, hair dryers, etc. NO packing material accepted; foam, cardboard, plastic bags, etc.

Computers and other data storage devices contain personal and sensitive information from bank data to tax records. Before donating your computer, leaving it outside for the curbside pick-up, or bringing it to a recycling program of any kind, clean the hard drive. Purchase software to overwrite the data on the hard drive, or remove and destroy the hard drive before recycling. It is the duty of the user of the recycling program to ensure data erasure. Will County assumes no responsibility to protect any electronic data remaining in electronics deposited in the electronic recycling programs. If you need more detailed instructions e-mail or call the County Land Use – Resource Recovery & Energy offices. Please be aware that Vintage Tech Recyclers, Inc. cleans the hard drives of every device with Department of Defense approved software. If the hard drive is damaged and cannot be cleaned with software, it is crushed and/or shredded for recycling.