March 26, 2013

Free Computer Recycling in Michigan

Michigan prides itself on its lush, green forestry and has a strong reputation for being environmentally conscious. Vintage Tech supports the beautiful state’s dedication to the environment by offering free computer recycling in Michigan. It is Vintage Tech’s mission to make electronic recycling convenient for residents in order to help Michigan maintain its beautiful landscape.

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Michigan Restores, Vintage Tech provides free electronic recycling at ongoing collection sites located throughout Michigan. The duo collects more than just old computers. Residents are welcome to also bring out a variety of electronics, including televisions, monitors, cell phones, printers, stereo equipment, and many other acceptable products.

Computers contain a lot of sensitive, personal information that most people don’t want compromised. Vintage Tech ensures that all data will be properly destroyed using the company’s comprehensive data destruction techniques. Vintage Tech can also shred the data upon request.

While Vintage Tech offers free computer recycling in Michigan, it also hosts many electronic recycling events throughout the state. You can even coordinate your own recycling event with Vintage Tech! Stay connected to us on Facebook and Twitter for more information on upcoming events in your community or check our blog periodically.