March 26, 2013

Free Computer Recycling in Illinois

Vintage Tech Recyclers offers free computer recycling in Illinois to help residents stay complaint with the Electronic Products Recycling & Reuse Act that bans electronics from being irresponsibly disposed of in landfills. Computers are filled with hazardous elements that are toxic to the environment. It is Vintage Tech’s mission to make electronic recycling easy and convenient for residents in order to promote electronic recycling and a greener world.

To best serve residents, Vintage Tech has permanent collection sites throughout Illinois where residents can bring their electronics to be responsibly recycled. To protect any sensitive information that may be on the computers, all hard drives will be wiped clean of all data using advanced and certified techniques or shredded for complete data destruction.

Vintage Tech doesn’t just recycle computers. The company’s list of acceptable items includes a variety of electronics, such as televisions, printers, mp3 players, and tablets.

In addition to offering free computer recycling in Illinois, Vintage Tech hosts many electronic recycling events throughout the Midwest. Any data on the electronics recycled at these events is also destroyed using Vintage Tech’s comprehensive and standard data destruction techniques.

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