September 17, 2014

A Foundation to Combat E-Waste

In recent years, we have seen repeatedly years the buildup of e-waste and how different communities, states, and countries are going about combating it. In Gurgaon, India, an effort to both educate the public and make positive changes to what happens to e-waste is taking place.

The Gurgaon-based NGO Advit Foundation decided to launch an e-waste management campaign along with corporate players in that area. The vision for this campaign is to teach citizens at all levels, whether student-age or in residential, industrial and commercial settings, about the hazardous effect that improperly discarded or thrown away e-waste can have on their surroundings and in turn their own health.

The campaign will educate and also serve the purpose of going into those spots where they are teaching and collecting the e-waste and making sure it is sent out to an authorized, legitimate electronics recycler for a safe, proper disposal.

The goal of this is obvious: to make sure that old computers and the like don’t end up mishandled and scattered all around. With the rise of these materials in landfills, there must be an equal increase in understanding what to do with them.

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We applaud noble efforts such as the one being taken with the Advit Foundation. It is our hope that their campaign will be a rousing success and create new, insightful dialogue and understanding on the importance of sound e-waste recycling.

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