September 2, 2011

Forbes Magazine Names 100 Most Powerful Women


9/2/2011 | By Richard McGinnis

Forbes’ Magazine Names 100 Most Powerful Women


Vintage Tech Reigns Supreme in Chicago!


Good for the Environment, the
Community and the Economy:


Vintage Tech Recyclers
Sooner or later, the day comes to power it down for good. It’s time toreplace, improve, or upgrade. This computer, this TV, this cell phone no longer meets your needs.



But it does meet someone else’s. This is where Vintage Tech Recyclers comes in.Vintage Tech Recyclers Inc. specializes in Responsible Recycling (also known as R2) of electronic devices. The company gets rid of the old for you, and possibly brings in the new for someone else. Vintage Tech Recyclers helps the economy, the community, and ultimately the Earth—all without charging residents using its programs a single cent.


This is an important service. Too often, electronics are improperly disposed of, and they wind up and harming the environment. Vintage Tech Recyclers has a materials. Sometimes computers can be upgraded and refurbished for reuse. The majority of the time, the company disassembles the device and recycles the components. So the plastics of the case, the glass of the monitor and the metals of the circuit boards all have the potential to be new again, saving on resources.


Where a computer is reusable, Vintage Tech Recyclers wipes all data and software out, protecting your information. This is a thorough process and any hard drives that cannot be wiped clean are shredded. The company takes data security very seriously and is proud of the protection it provides.


A computer science student, Karrie Gibson, president of Vintage Tech Recyclers, decided recycling electronics was a natural way to help nature, people and companies reuse older electronics. In 2005, she started the company—one of first, if not the first woman-owned recycling business meeting and exceeding R2, ISO 14001 and Women Business Enterprise National Certification standard.


Gibson is on the boards of the Better Business Bureau and the Illinois Recycling Association. She also served as an advisor when Illinois developed its recycling law and supported a stipulation that no tax-payer dollars would be used for recycling programs. Much of what she has built, Gibson created through grants from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO); the company is debt-free.


Today, clients include all types of businesses, from Fortune 500 to small companies, along with government entities from municipalities to school districts, but consumer programs represent 80 percent of the volume collected each year. As an illustration of the company’s excellent reputation, Illinois has a residential recycling goal to collect/recycle 28 million pounds of mate rial in 2011. Vintage Tech Recyclers will collect approximately 14 million residential pounds, and the other 14 million is spread among about 20 other recycling companies.Vintage Tech Recyclers donates working computers and materials to worthy organizations, including schools, the state police, the Chicago Fire Department, food banks, and women’s shelters. The company’s Habitat for Humanity partnership will fund construction of up to six homes in Illinois and also will build Habitat homes in other states. Vintage Tech Recyclers also has contributed to the economy by creating jobs.


“Last year, we had 15 employees,” Gibson says. “Right now, we have 67.”


Guided by its values, Vintage Tech Recyclers is here to help build community programs as it expands across the U.S. Gibson states, “I absolutely love what we do and how we help our partners keep it clean and keep it green!”



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