November 2, 2011

Facts and Statistics about Electronics Recycling

Each day, hundreds of pounds of electronic waste take up residence in local landfills. Review the following statistics to learn how you can do your part to limit the exposure of deadly chemicals to the environment.

  • The Need for e-Recycling: Though the responsible disposal electronic waste can protect our environment from a wide range of hazardous materials, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that only 20% of e-waste is recycled properly. Research from the Global Futures Foundation suggests that technology trash makes up 70% of toxic waste populating landfills all over the world. The global community generates over 40 million metric tons of electronic waste each year and about 2 billion pounds of that waste is produced by the United States alone. Without a greater effort to responsibly dispose of old computers and media, these numbers will continue to grow.
  • Toxic Trash: A plethora of electronic devices and components pollute the globe as a result of improper e-waste removal. Old televisions contain cathode ray tubes, each of which may carry several pounds of lead. Cell phones present a double threat: The coatings within the phone typically contain lead while the phone batteries carry cadmium. When released into the breathable air, cadmium increases a person’s risk of liver and lung disease. Even modern laptop computers may contain small amounts of deadly mercury. These dangerous chemicals can wreak unimaginable havoc if exposed to a local water supply or food source.
  • Content Protection: Some consumers raise security concerns over donating or recycling used computers. Electronic recycling stations go to great lengths to the protection of user content and maintain user privacy. Many employ tight security measures to monitor employees as they sort electronic materials. If hard drives or data storage devices are impossible to wipe, the devices are destroyed.

Learning more about the tech recycling process can help consumers understand the importance of proper e-waste disposal. Vintage Tech Recyclers works with the Illinois Recycling Association and the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to provide accessible electronic recycling for the greater Chicago area. Call (877) 625-7945 today to learn how you can reduce the presence of toxic technological waste in our ecosystem.