August 6, 2014

Environmental and Health Hazards produced by E-waste

Studies are indicating more and more the hazardous effects electronic waste is having not only on our environment, but also to the local inhabitants of these underdeveloped countries. According to US News, “a recent study from Toxics Link– a nongovernmental organization that focuses on struggles with toxic materials, both at the global and local level – reported soil and water contamination in two regions in Delhi, India, that engage in e-recycling.” However, this is not “recycling” done properly.

In Ghana, Africa, it is mostly orphans between the ages of 12 and 20, “working in a slum, burning discarded electronics, and releasing toxic fumes into the air.” In Nigeria, “workers of all ages throw electronics into dumps and burn them. “ Not only do these fumes endanger those dismembering these electronics, but those fumes get released into the air and do serious damage to the environment as a whole.Hazards of E-waste

While this may all seem a world away, we can still contribute to efforts stateside. Instead of tossing your electronics into the garbage where they may (illegally) end up overseas in these underdeveloped countries, recycle them with us! We recycle them properly right here at our plant in Plainfield, Illinois where we can ensure there are no toxic fumes or dangers to our environment.

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