Electronics Recycling

Why Recycle?


Most electronics are made of valuable resources such as precious metals, plastics and glass. Many of these materials require extensive energy and resources to manufacture. However, when electronic equipment gets thrown away, all of these valuable materials are also discarded. This ultimately generates more pollution because it requires that all-new resources be used in order to manufacture new electronics.


Certain electronics such as monitors and circuit boards even cause harm to the environment because they contain toxic substances like lead, mercury, and chromium. When these heavy metals get dumped into the solid waste stream, it becomes a concern for state and local officials due to the environmental risks that they pose. The best solution for this issue is responsible electronics recycling.


Vintage Tech’s Responsible Recycling


Recyclers You Can Trust


With Vintage Tech Recyclers’ electronics recycling program, nearly 60 percent of all electronics can be reused, while the other 40 percent are recycled back to their original raw state. We accomplish all of this this by operating three major recycling plants, an at-your-door pickup service, and multiple drop-off locations across the nation. We are certified under the strictest recycling standards, including R2, ISO 14001 and e-Stewards certification. Not only that, but we maintain a commitment to environmentally and ethically conscious practices in everything we do.


Data Security


Vintage Tech is committed to providing the most comprehensive data wiping services available. Many electronics such as computers, printers, and photocopiers are capable of storing sensitive information that can be compromised if not disposed of responsibly. Vintage Tech uses top-quality, trusted data destruction software to ensure that any sensitive information is kept private and wiped clean from all devices.


Accepted Items


Through our services, electronic products such as computers, wires and cables, scanners, laptops, computer parts, microwaves, CRT’s and LCD’s, battery back-ups, cell phones, monitors, computer mice, CD/VCR/DVD players, printers, keyboards, stereo equipment, televisions, MP3 players, fax machines, PDA’s and video game consoles can be completely recycled in compliance with the highest standards and regulations in the industry. All of these items contain parts that can be carefully refurbished and reused. Join us in our mission to help the environment, and contact us today regarding your used electronics. 


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