August 21, 2012

Electronics Recycling Laws Gaining Popularity

We at Vintage Tech are very pleased to inform all of our friends and fans that the state of Pennsylvania will begin enforcing the Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act, which was enacted in 2010.


This act requires all citizens to responsibly recycle certain electronic devices due to these devices’ high heavy metal content and short lifespan. Those metals include lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can be extremely harmful to the environment when they are left in landfills with other trash. Because of this things like old cell phones and televisions need to be left with certified recyclers.


Another aspect of the law calls for Producer Responsibility, which basically means that those companies who manufacture and sell these electronics will need to provide a way for consumers to dispose of them through collection programs. This will make sure that there are plenty of opportunities to recycle.


We are very excited to hear that another state has decided to join in on our mission of keeping electronics out of landfills! Stay tuned for more updates on what our nation is doing to stay green!