June 20, 2013

Electronics Recycling in Michigan

Electronics recycling in Michigan is made easy with Vintage Tech Recyclers.

Vintage Tech Recyclers has several convenient locations throughout Michigan.  Right now Habitat for Humanity has teamed up with Vintage Tech Recyclers, a state approved electronics recycling company, to help provide electronic recycling drop off locations at its ReStore centers.  Vintage Tech Recyclers will recycle electronics and a portion of the money made, after the selling of the refurbished part, goes back to Habitat for Humanity.  It is easy to help out:  simply collect your unused electronics, go to our accepted donations page to verify that the selected electronics are accepted, and visit a Habitat for Humanity and Vintage Tech Recyclers sponsored ReStore to donate your gently used electronics.  By bringing your electronics to these ReStore drop off locations, you, too, can help support Habitat for Humanity.

Not only will you be doing a good deed by recycling your used electronics, but you will also help the environment.  Recycling benefits everyone; it is good for the environment, it is good for us and, best of all, it’s free!     

So electronics recycling in Michigan is a valuable tool, why? Because with Vintage Tech Recyclers, it helps the less fortunate, it helps the environment, and it’s easy! Contact Vintage Tech Recyclers today at 866-435-9223 for more information.