February 7, 2014

Electronics Recycler Certification

Computer keyboard with green recycle logoThe following are some different certifications that Vintage Tech holds and other electronic recyclers can achieve:

  • e-Stewards

    • Shows that our company excels in preventing the toxic materials in electronics from continuing to cause long-term harm to human health and the environment, particularly in countries with developing economies.

  • R2 (Responsible Recycling)

    • We ensure that toxic material streams are managed safely, responsibly, and legally by downstream vendors – all the way to final disposal.

  • ISO 14001

    • Requires the creation of an environmental management system (EMS). We strive to continually improve our EMS in order to decrease negative impact on the environment.

Vintage Tech Recyclers has earned all of these certifications! If you have any questions regarding our certifications, please feel free to give us a call at (877) 625-7945.