March 14, 2014

Electronic Recycling in Romeoville, IL

greenDo you know your options when it comes to electronic recycling in Romeoville, IL? If you live in or around the area, you are in luck! That is because an award winning, global leader in electronic recycling is headquartered there! Vintage Tech Recyclers is one of the largest consumer recyclers in the United States and is e-Stewards certified! You can trust us to responsibly recycle your electronics for you.

Here at Vintage Tech Recyclers, we will take in a variety of items to responsibly recycle for you. We recycle electronic items such as computers, cell phones, cables, and keyboards. We will even recycle some of your old household items as well, such as hair dryers, land line phones, microwaves, and holiday lights.

Not only will you be getting rid of your unwanted items, but you will also be doing your part and helping to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills, and it won’t cost you anything! That is because Vintage Tech Recyclers will recycle your unwanted electronics for you for free!

If you would like any more information on electronic recycling in Romeoville, IL, please feel free to give Vintage Tech Recyclers a call today! You can reach us at our corporate headquarters located in Romeoville at (866) 435-9223.