March 26, 2012

Electronic Recycling Drop-off Locations

Recycling electronics is good for everyone!


Help Habitat for Humanity build decent affordable housing in your community.

Protect the environment by responsibly disposing of obsolete or unwanted electronic products.

Put the earth’s resources back to productive use.

Why recycle your electronic devices?


Habitat for Humanity ReStores have been involved in community recycling programs for a long time. By donating used appliances, furniture and building materials, you have been able to recycle materials back to productive use and reduce the waste sent to landfills. Now, Habitat for Humanity Michigan ReStores have partnered with Vintage Tech Recyclers, a state approved electronics recycling company to provide a year round location to recycle unwanted electronics.


It’s easy to recycle electronics. Find the nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore Electronics collection location. Then visit our accepted donations page to verify the items accepted for recycling. Check the ReStore’s hours of operation, and at no charge responsibly recycle your electronic products. Vintage Tech processes recycled electronics in accordance with approved federal and state requirements including wiping clean hard drives on recycled computers and laptops. Vintage tech processes collected items to recover reusable materials, and the environment is protected from inappropriate disposal practices. Don’t dump it. Donate it, deduct it, and support recycling in your community.