April 30, 2013

Electronic Disposal in Michigan

Irresponsible electronic disposal in Michigan is ruining the state’s beautiful forests and scenery because electronics contain tons of harmful toxins that are harmful to the environment.  Luckily, Vintage Tech provides responsible electronic disposal in Michigan through its partnership with Habitat for Humanity’s Michigan ReStores to provide safe recycling disposal to help keep Michigan green.

You’ll find Michigan ReStores throughout the state that are partnered with Vintage Tech. It’s at these locations that you can drop off your old or unwanted electronics to be responsibly recycled with us. As an R2, ISO 1400 and e-Stewards certified recycler, you can be sure that we use all the proper procedures when recycling electronics that adhere to safety standards of the highest quality.

You can also be sure that any sensitive information stored in your electronics will be completely and properly erased. Vintage Tech provides onsite data destruction services that not only adhere to all federal and state regulations, but also exceed them. Upon request, Vintage Tech also offers data shredding.

Get your old electronics out and take them to Vintage Tech for responsible electronic disposal in Michigan, Illinois, or Missouri. Here’s a list of some of our most commonly accepted electronics:

  • TV’s
  • Laptops/Desktops
  • Computer parts/mice/screens
  • DVD/CD/tape players
  • Microwaves