February 21, 2013

Easy Ways to Go Green

The key to maintaining a green world is to adopt simple everyday recycling and other “green” habits. That means more than just recycling electronics and other goods; it also means buying recycled products (such as paper made from previously recycled paper), repairing items instead of replacing them, and other everyday practices like using reusable bags to carry groceries in.


Research from the Massachusetts Commonwealth has shown that a lack of knowledge is linked to whether or not people participate in recycling, as do other factors such as how convenient it is to recycle and the perceived effectiveness of recycling. This makes sense. If it is not convenient to recycle, if you don’t know your recycling options, and if you don’t see how recycling has any positive effect on the environment, then you probably will not bother recycling. However, there are so many convenient ways that people can recycle and carry out other green actions.


Take a look at Recycle City, a free online game from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that shows all the easy ways to go green. There are so many ways that the people and businesses in Recycle City are recycling and reusing products that go far beyond separating plastics and glass. For example, the city’s local auto repair man sends old tires to manufacturers who reprocess them to make new tires. Who would’ve thought?!


Give Recycle City a try and learn how convenient and effective green habits are!