April 17, 2014

Earth Day Ideas

Earth Day IdeasEarth Day is next Tuesday, April 22. How are you going to celebrate? We have a few Earth Day ideas that will help you celebrate the holiday and do something great for the Earth.

  1. Plant flowers in your yard.
  2. Create a compost area where you can throw your fruit peels and other decomposable items. It’ll make for a natural fertilizer.
  3. Clean up trash around your neighborhood.
  4. Take an hour that you’d usually spend watching TV and go for a walk instead. It’s a fun activity that won’t require any electricity.
  5. Go through your home and get rid of all the old clothes and items you don’t want by donating them to a local thrift store or homeless shelter. Recycle your electronics at one of Vintage Tech’s recycling centers throughout the Midwest or our Earth Day recycling event in Door County, WI. (Call us at (877) 625-7945 for info on our recycling drop off centers or our recycling event.)

Don’t do something green just on Earth Day. Pick up green habits to be green all year!