August 26, 2014

E-Waste Recycling Scam

Unfortunately in the world we live in, sometimes when we turn on the news there are negative stories and things going on out there, including scams and people trying to take advantage of others. While you may not think that this would go hand-in-hand with something like e-waste recycling, it recently did in Reno, NV.

Police in Reno had to warn residents in regard to a new Craigslist scam going on in that area. Someone went to Craigslist and put up what was discovered to be a fraudulent post about a free electronics recycling event that particular weekend at a property of the City of Reno. Those who posted the advertisement didn’t have a city permit.

What’s worse, police believe their motive was to take whatever people brought, albeit a computer, laptop, or other electronic device, and take whatever personal information they could off them or use them for any other benefit they could find.

The officials in Reno quickly put in a request for that post to be removed.

Sadly, while the Internet and Craigslist do have their pros, it is important for everyone to remain cautious and on guard for these sorts of scams.


Let Vintage Tech Give You Peace of Mind


The scam that happened in Reno, NV likely won’t be the last e-waste scam to ever happen, so it is important to know you can trust who you are giving your old electronics to. Vintage Tech takes that very seriously and guarantees that all old personal data will be deleted with our erasure tool and that every piece given to us will be recycled safely and properly. Please give us a call at (877)-625-7945 so we can help you find a collection site near you that you know will be reputable.