January 31, 2014

E-waste recycling in Kansas City

e-wasteIf you would like to learn more about e-waste recycling in Kansas City, please continue on reading! Vintage Tech Recyclers is an award winning, global leader in electronics recycling. We would be more than happy to recycle your electronic items for you! Not only will we take your unused, unwanted, or even broken electronics off of your hands, but we will also recycle them for you for free!

Vintage Tech Recyclers is one of the largest consumer recyclers in the United States. We have state of the art recycling technology that we use to destroy any sensitive material that may be left on your recycled electronics, so you don’t have to worry!

Here at Vintage Tech Recyclers, we are committed to recycling electronic items and keeping them out of landfills. Together, we can reduce pollution and save our valuable natural resources! Every recycled electronic item makes a difference!

For more information on e-waste recycling in Kansas City, please feel free to give Vintage Tech Recyclers a call today! You can reach us at our corporate headquarters located in Romeoville, IL at (866) 435-9223 or at our Riverside, MO facility at (816) 777-3713. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have!