October 13, 2010

E-Waste Recycling Day, Saturday October 23

By La Grange Park CVC Wednesday at 12:16 p.m


The Village of La Grange Park Cool Village Commission (CVC) and the West Cook Solid Waste Agency are sponsoring an E-Waste Recycling Day from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Saturday, October 23, 2010, at the Village’s Public Works Facility, 937 Barnsdale Road, La Grange Park, IL. This event is open to all area communities – its residents, schools, businesses, organizations, etc. Most items are free – very few items have a minimum recycle charge.


The E-Waste Recycling Day was scheduled to coincide with the Village’s Clean Up Day on October 21, 2010. “The CVC scheduled the E-Waste Recycling Day for October 23 to give residents a chance to recycle electronics that otherwise may have been disposed of on the Village’s Clean Up Day,” says Pat Rocco, chair of the CVC. “Before hauling disposal to the curb for Clean Up Day, set aside recyclable electronics that can be delivered to the Public Works facility two days later. Many residents have multiple computers and electronics that they haven’t disposed of because they are unsure of how to dispose of the electronics and out of fear that the data stored in their computer may be retrieved by a later user. The E-Waste Recycling Day provides an opportunity for electronic recycling.”


According to Vintage Tech Recyclers, the participating recycling company, there is no need to fear that the data on one’s computer will be accessible to end users. CPUs that are recycled will have their hard drives destroyed or wiped out according to responsible recycling standards. Vintage Tech Recyclers utilizes hard‐drive wiping and destruction that has been approved and validated in compliance to the R2 (Responsible Recycler) certification. They use data wiping software by Blancco. This wiping agent is 100% unrecoverable and has been verified and validated by a third party auditor for Vintage Tech. See


Vintage Tech Recyclers will be onsite handling all collected materials as follows:

 Free Recycling for the following items: Monitors, laptops & computers, TVs, printers, all computer parts, fax, scanners, DVD & VCR players, stereos, video game consoles, Peripherals‐Mice/Keyboards, PDA, MP3, iPods, all phones, and microwaves


 Small charge ($00.15/lb) for the following items: typewriters, terminals, toaster ovens, hair dryers, curling irons, UPS batteries, copiers, electronic tools


The CVC elected to hold an E-Waste Recycling Day in effort to abide by the Village’s commitment as a member of the Greenest Region Compact for the Metropolitan Chicago. The Compact was developed by participating Mayors who have committed to improve the environment in the Chicago region by taking actions in their own government operations and communities. To create the greenest region in the United States, participating communities, of which La Grange Park is included, have committed adopt seven strategies involving water conservation, waste and e-waste recycling, CFL distribution, air strategies, energy strategies, land strategies, and water strategies.


An initial survey of E-waste management turned up over 60 programs currently known to the State of Illinois. Further evaluation indicates that there are a number of different strategies being employed to manage E-waste streams within municipalities. The most common approach has been “Recycling Days” which are sponsored by individual municipalities and supported by recyclers. “We are hoping that this event results in strong participation and a large volume of recyclable electronic goods,” says Julia Cedillo, assistant village manager for the Village of La Grange Park. “We are utilizing volunteers from the CVC and the Youth Commission.”


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