August 22, 2014

E-Waste Recycling Analysis

At Vintage Tech, we already know the importance of e-waste recycling and how much it continues to grow with the vast amount of electronics out there needing to be disposed of. As a reader of this blog, you likely know a good amount about e-waste recycling and its importance in an effort to stay environmentally conscious.

Now we have specific findings to back up the rise of e-waste recycling and what its future may look like.

According to a recent report released by Transparency Market Research entitled “Electronic Recycling Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2013-2019”, the electronic recycling market will only get bigger.

What was already a staggering figure of 48.43 million tons of e-waste being recycled in 2012 is forecasted to jump up to 141.05 million tons by 2019. Wow!


Europe has been the biggest e-waste recycler, and the Asia Pacific region is projected to become the quickest growing market for recycling electronics during the time period the study covers. This is because a real lack of government regulations in the region allows for a buildup of global e-waste. In turn, the sheer amount of e-waste there, coupled with inexpensive labor, figures to greatly expand the recycling of electronics in Asia Pacific.

The overall idea the report gives is that the electronic recycling market will likely rise due to more stringent regulations by governments, sustainability programs for the environment, and more industrialization.

Other highlights from the study include the finding that out of everything being recycled, computers were the most recycled item in the year 2012 and look to keep that lead going forward. Also, on a global scale, steel was the number one recycled resource from e-waste as it is more cost-efficient to recycle steel rather than to have to go out and mine it.

Finally, at the start of the report it was noted that approximately 65% of the population of the United States is bound by e-waste and recycling laws. Technically, there aren’t any federal mandatory regulations for recycling in our country, but about half of the states across the red, white and blue have ratified several regulations now making it necessary to have e-waste recycling statewide.


Play Your Part


This report should be encouraging because it shows e-waste recycling is continuing to get the major attention it deserves as everyone collectively strives for a more eco-friendly planet. Help us do our part in the world and recycle any old electronics no longer in use. Please continue to check out our blog and find a collection center or recycling event near you!