August 13, 2013

E-waste: How You Can Fight Back



E-waste is hazardous to every facet of life. The chemicals and toxins alone could harm    our lungs and even destroy DNA within our bodies as well as destroy the soil that we stand on. By improperly taking care of e-waste, we can do major damage to our planet and to ourselves. All it takes is a little bit of responsibility to lead us to a better tomorrow.

These responsibilities are simple, not complex, and will only take a little time a effort.

First off, research e-waste. Find out exactly what it is and how it effects our life on this earth. If you don’t know the ‘ins-and-outs’ of what you’re fighting for, you won’t be full informed on how to help.

After you have done some proper researching, find a recycling drop off location near you. Vintage Tech Recyclers offers a lot of regional drop off locations; just find one near your community and recycle your old electronics. Vintage Tech Recyclers properly handles e-waste and disposes it in a rightful manner.

By educating yourself on this problem, you can start fighting back against e-waste. Your small effort can make a change in the way this earth is treated.

Find one of our drop off locations near you and recycle today!