July 16, 2014

E-Waste Crisis in India

National Geographic recently posted a news story regarding the electronic waste crisis over in India. In the article, Chris Carroll makes note of how wealthier nations would often export their electronic waste to developing countries, such as India, where locals would then be left to the task of taking care of it.

Much like the residents of the e-waste slums of Ghana and villages outside of Beijing, India’s poor are flocking to the task of mining electronics for their profitable innards. And again, much like their African and Chinese counterparts, these locals are not only harming themselves in the process, but they are also doing damage to the environment.India's e-waste

“Harvesting e-waste…can be dangerous. Toxins in a discarded laptop, for instance, include cancer-causing heavy metals and hormone-disrupting flame retardants,” Carroll said. “To get copper out of tangled wire, workers simply burn it and try to dodge the dangerous fumes. Circuit boards, meanwhile, are bathed in cyanide to release gold, with the poisonous residue dumped in drains and rivers.”

While this imagery is horrifying to imagine, it happens every day in places like Angloboshie, Ghana and Sangrampur, India.

So what can be done?

While it may seem like a world away, you can still contribute to the efforts of eliminating electronic waste as a whole by simply recycling your old and unwanted electronics with a certified electronics recycler. Give us a call at 877-625-7945 to find a collection center near you.

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