June 2, 2014

Our E-waste, Our Collective Responsibility

A conference was held in Nairobi on 5/28/14 to discuss Kenya’s increasing e-waste problem. The conference’s theme was “Our E-Waste, Our Collective Responsibility.” The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) “estimates that over 17,000 tonnes [or nearly 37,500 lbs] of electronic waste is generated in Kenya annually” (Source: UNEP).  That number continues to grow yearly as electronics are increasingly made more affordable and easier to obtain.

With consumers constantly on the lookout for state-of-the-art technology, the massive amount of e-waste is not quite unfathomable. However, since a large amount of e-waste is shipped to the southern regions of Africa, the inhabitants of those areas are suffering the consequences. “A UNEP study of 300 schoolchildren near Dandora…found that about 50% had respiratory problems, and 30% had blood abnormalities signaling heavy-metal poisoning” (Source: Waste Management World). Our E-waste, Our Collective Responsibility

The amount of e-waste that gets transported to Africa can be greatly reduced by recycling old and unwanted electronics in lieu of simply tossing them in the garbage. We offer a number of options such as electronics drop-off sites and even on-site pick-up for Illinois residents of Will County, though we offer recycling services across the nation. Check out our list of acceptable items to recycle and give us a call at (866) 435-9223 to find a drop-off site near you.

You can also stay updated on any electronics recycling events via our Facebook or Twitter pages. It really is “our e-waste, our collective responsibility” so recycle today and contribute to our effort in bettering the planet and the lives of those affected by mounting e-waste.