March 4, 2015

E-scrap ‘mismanagement on the rise’

United StatesElectronics recyclers in the USA are abandoning a growing volume of e-scrap, claims the Basel Action Network, a non-profit environmental organisation that globally fights illegal and irresponsible trade in hazardous waste.
The latest example of what BAN director Jim Puckett calls ‘another alarming case of e-waste mismanagement’ is a New York State-based electronics recycling company that is believed to have locked its doors more than a month ago, leaving e-scrap abandoned at several locations. ‘Far too many irresponsible electronics recyclers hide behind the green word ”recycling” but operate like horse traders,’ Puckett alleges.

According to BAN, this latest incident follows examples of companies in Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Utah, Ohio, Georgia and other states that ‘recently abandoned large piles of e-scrap or sent it to irresponsible operations overseas or in the US’.

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