August 13, 2014

E-Cycle Washington collection numbers drop 5% during Jan-July ‘14

Author:    13 Aug 2014 Last updated at 03:16:09 GMT

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SEATTLE (Scrap Monster): According to the latest monthly report, the collection numbers of the e-Cycle Washington- the state wide free e-scrap recycling program has dropped by 5.1% during the initial seven-month period of the year. This is in comparison with the total collection during similar period in 2013.

As per the report, the program collected 25.51 million pounds of electronics during the seven-month period. The collection numbers in 2014 is expected to remain much lower than 2013 and 2012 levels, if the collection activity continues in the same pace, state officials noted.

The collection levels had steady growth until 2013, since the program was launched in 2009. The collection rates had grown nearly 4% year-on-year in 2013 to surpass 45 million pounds. With only five months remaining, the 2014 collection levels are projected to drop below 2013 levels.

The majority of the electronic devices collected through the program were CRT televisions. According to state officials, the huge backlog of CRT in households is already collected. The collection rates are down only because the drop in CRT collection, which according to them has reached saturation point, from where it is difficult to go higher.

E-Cycle Washington is an electronics recycling program managed by the US state of Washington. It allows consumers and businesses with less than 50 employees to recycle electronics free of charge. The state began collecting TVs, computers and monitors for free recycling in 2009 and has since added tablet computers, e-readers and portable DVD players.