Onsite Data Security

Does your school or business have a large data center or equipment on site that needs to be destroyed before it can be recycled? No problem. Vintage Tech Recyclers will come to you! With our portable data destruction unit we can destroy all of your data right at your location.


We understand the importance of secure data destruction, which is why we find it necessary to offer this on-site service to our clients. We offer 2 different options for onsite data destruction.

  1. Onsite Hard Drive Crushing
  2. Onsite Hard Drive Wiping


Vintage Tech can service all your data security needs. Our onsite data destruction complies with and exceeds all government and federal regulations such as FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, FACT, ACT and GLBA.


Need Audit Reporting to be compliant? We have it! In addition to our onsite destruction we also offer full Data Erasure and Asset Reports, which includes time-stamped erasure verification, serial numbers, methods of erasure, and a detailed hardware/software report (upon request).


Still have questions?


Feel free to contact our Data Security Specialist Mike Eck for further information.
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