September 26, 2013

Data Destruction Software in Illinois

Computers & TVsRecycling your electronics can be a worrisome task, especially if there is sensitive material involved. Responsibly recycle with Vintage Tech Recyclers and you won’t have to worry. Vintage Tech Recyclers respects the security of your valuable information and offer three different data destruction options to destroy any personal information on your device before recycling.

Vintage Tech Recyclers data destruction software is the only erasure tool software that is government-approved! The three different data destruction options they offer include:

  1. Certified NIST 800-88 Hard Drive Wiping
  2. Hard Drive Crushing
  3. Hard Drive Shredding

This service is not only offered to individuals looking to recycle their electronics, but is also offered to schools and businesses. To meet the needs of these schools and businesses, Vintage Tech Recyclers offers onsite data destruction. Vintage Tech Recyclers understands that data may need to be destroyed onsite before it can be recycled, so they will come to you! Their portable data destruction unit offers two options for onsite data destruction. They include:

  1. Onsite Hard Drive Crushing
  2. Onsite Hard Drive Wiping

All of Vintage Tech’s data destruction software and options comply with industry regulations. For any questions that weren’t answered, their Data Security Specialist, Mike Eck, can be contacted at the following numbers:

Cell: 630-207-9244
Office: 630-305-0922
Fax: 815-676-6308