Computer Recycling

With technology advancing every day, consumers and business are compelled to keep up with the latest products so they can compete in the marketplace and be the most up to date. As consumers and businesses keep up the pace of these exciting new products, it leaves them with a decision of what to do with the old products. Hundreds of millions of retired electronics are discarded improperly by consumers and businesses every year.


Computer recycling at Vintage Tech Recyclers is your answer! We manage the disposal of your computer equipment from start to finish. There is no need for concern regarding the data on your computer either. Vintage Tech’s computer recycling program includes software and data removal ensuring that your secrets remain with you. We analyze each piece of equipment and refurbish any part we can by cleaning, repairing, and upgrading. If it is not re-useable, we send it off to our ISO Certified partner for complete recycling.


Our goal is to recycle each piece and part of your computer so nothing ends up in a landfill. We accept computers, monitors, memory sticks, laptops, hard drives, networking equipment and more. So start here at Vintage Tech Recyclers with your computer recycling and keep the environment clean! If you have questions regarding a piece of equipment that you are not sure can be recycled, please contact us. One five minute phone call is better than a lifetime in a landfill.