September 9, 2013

Computer Recycling Centers in Illinois


Vintage Tech Recyclers has your local computer recycling centers in Illinois!

Vintage Tech Recyclers has over 98 years of combined experience in recycling electronics with their partner, Kuusakowski.  As stated in our mission statement, we have developed the most responsible processes and procedures, and are constantly implementing new technology.  We also strive to create new opportunities for asset management and recycling programs.

One of those recycling programs is computer recycling.  Computer recycling saves valuable natural resources and eliminates environmental damage.  With technology advancing rapidly, it is easy for a business to run into the problem of collecting a large amount of outdated electronics.  A solution to this problem is to recycle them!  Bring your unwanted computers to computer recycling centers in Illinois.  Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a mom-and-pop shop, Vintage Tech Recyclers will take your old electronics. 

We know you have valuable information stored on your computer.  That’s why we personally take care of removing all data and software before we send the parts off to be recycled or melted into its raw state.  All your information will stay where it should—with you!

For more information on computer recycling centers in Illinois, call Vintage Tech Recyclers today at (866) 435-9223.