August 21, 2013

Computer Recycling Center in Illinois

Looking for a computer recycling center in Illinois?  Vintage Tech Recyclers is the place for you!

Vintage Tech Recyclers is a large recycling company whose specialty is reusing electronics to help save valuable natural resources as well as eliminate environmental damage. Because businesses need to keep up with the most up to date products available, there is a constant updating in technology, resulting in hundreds of millions of retired electronics being discarded improperly by consumers and business every year.  By bringing your old computer to a Vintage Tech computer recycling center Illinois, you are helping preserve the environment. 

Vintage Tech Recyclers try to recycle every part of your used computer possible to help eliminate waste build up in landfills.  When you bring your computer in to be recycled, there is no need to worry about the data on your drives.  Vintage Tech Recyclers’ computer recycling program includes software and data removal ensuring that your secrets remain with you.  We try to reuse each piece of equipment and refurbish any part we can by cleaning, repairing and upgrading.  If it is not reusable, we send it off to our ISO Certified partner for complete recycling. 

For more information on computer recycling centers in Illinois, call Vintage Tech Recyclers at (866) 435-9223.