May 21, 2013

Cellphone Recycling

Cellphones are changing so rapidly that by the time you buy a new cellphone, a newer cellphone will be on the market next week.  This constant purchase of new electronics is making the amount of used or unwanted cellphones add up.  So, what are you supposed to do with your old cellphone?  Recycle it! Electronic recycling is an up-and-coming trend in today’s society and is very important to our environment.  Only 8% of all cellphones are recycled according to Living Green Magazine.  However, all cellphones can be taken apart and reused.

Cellphones are used for so much more than just communicating; you also store personal information on your phone, which means that identity theft can happen if the cellphones are not properly discarded.  To reduce your risk of identity theft, be sure to back up all your data and remove your SIM card.  Then, by taking your cellphone to be properly recycled, you can feel more confident that your personal information is protected.