September 11, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Recycling Centers

At Vintage Tech Recyclers, our purpose is to recycle electronics. This is something you will hear from us often, but have you ever wondered about the details involved in this process?


We currently have two major plants where we process our recyclables, located in Romeoville, Ill., and Riverside, Mo. At these locations we receive all of electronics shipments from the various drop-off locations and recycling events throughout the country.


From there, we sort through all of the types of electronics, using a disassembly line process to take them apart. It is important to note that any electronics capable of storing data are put through our rigorous data removal process as well. Every product has unique components, and sorting and disassembling them helps us carry on the process as efficiently as possible.


For example, some of the more common items that we recycle are computers. Computers’ recyclable materials could include glass from the monitor, plastic parts, the CD-ROM drive, and more. Many parts can be melted down. Others require special attention due to their toxic components. These would be things like the cathode ray tube, the circuit board, and the batteries. All of these things need to be carefully recycled because of their high cadmium, lead, and mercury content.


It is important to find a recycler like Vintage Tech who is certified to recycle these parts under the strictest standards. That is the only way to be sure that your electronics will not harm the environment. For more information, visit our website.