January 22, 2013

At Your Door Electronic Recycling

With the winter months in place, taking a drive out to recycle your old and unused electronics may be harder than usual. Luckily, Vintage Tech Recyclers offers an at home electronic pick-up service for Will County residents, making electronic recycling easier than ever.


What’s great about Vintage Tech’s free at your door electronic recycling program is that it is free for residents that have at least two of the following electronics: computers, laptops, servers, CRT/LCD monitors, printers, or TVs. For a full list of acceptable and unacceptable electronics, take a look of our list here.


So why do we offer an at your door electronic pick-up? Well, aside from trying to make recycling as easy as possible for busy community members, recent Illinois state legislation changes have required electronic manufactures to cover the cost of their products. Manufacturers contract with Vintage Tech so that their products can be responsibly recycled.


The contracts help us cover our costs so that we can provide our customers with services like home electronic pick up. If you’re interested in having Vintage Tech pick up your electronics, fill out our pick up request form or call us at (877) 625-7945.