October 17, 2014

Apple Being Green

Being an electronic recycling company, we see a lot of Apple devices. That’s not surprising since they manufacture millions of products. What is surprising is that Apple in ranked 48th Greenest Companies of America by Newsweek.

Here are a few facts from the yourenergy blog “HOW APPLE BECAME ONE OF THE GREENEST COMPANIES IN AMERICA”, proving Apple’s accelerating move toward being green:

The iPad Air uses 31 percent fewer materials than the original iPad

  • The current iMac is made with 68 percent fewer materials than the first version
  • The Mac Pro requires 74 percent fewer materials than its predecessor


Apple Devices

Image courtesy of Apple

It’s amazing to see how one company has become increasingly green over time, without any signs of slowing down.


Read Sarah Battaglia’s full post on Apple Being Green here.


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