August 26, 2013

Apple Electronics in Illinois

Want to recycle your Apple electronics in Illinois?  Vintage Tech Recyclers, an award winning global leader in electronic recycling and asset management, wants to buy your old Apple products and reuse the parts for new products.

Vintage Tech Recyclers is an industry leader in asset recovery, and they want to help you maximize your Apple product’s value!  With their skilled technicians and detailed refurbishing process, they are able to reuse Apple electronics in Illinois and all over the country.  This allows Vintage Tech to return revenue to businesses and schools.  They will buy a wide variety of Apple laptops, towers, systems and iMacs.  The Apple electronics Vintage Tech wants to recycle include Mac Books, Mac Air, and iPads.  The towers and systems include Mac Pro’s and Mac Mini’s. Finally, the iMacs include white and aluminum Intel. 

Email your list of Apple products to Vintage Tech Recyclers at for a quote to see how much your Apple equipment is worth.  In order for them to give you an accurate quote, please provide as much detail as possible including model numbers, EMC numbers, order number specs, and cosmetic condition.  You can also call Vintage Tech Recyclers today at (866) 435-9223 for more information on Apple electronics in Illinois.