February 14, 2014

Apple Electronics in Illinois

RecycleIf you are looking to recycle your Apple electronics in Illinois, you are at the perfect place! Vintage Tech Recyclers is one of the largest consumer recyclers in the United States, and we even offer cash for your Apple products. Learn more on our Recycle Your Apple page.

We have state of the art recycling technology that we use to destroy any sensitive material that may be on your recycled electronics, so you do not have to worry about the information stored on your computer. It’ll all be completely destroyed.

Like all other electronics, Apple electronics can become obsolete, especially when newer models come out. Electronics do not last forever, but that does not mean that they need to be thrown out! If you have Apple electronics in Illinois that no longer serve you any purpose, please give us at Vintage Tech Recyclers a call today. We would love to recycle these and any other electronics you may no longer want. We will responsibly recycle all of these electronics for you for free!

Recycling is an easy way to do your part and help keep unnecessary items out of landfills. If you would like more detailed information on recycling your Apple electronics in Illinois, please do not hesitate to give Vintage Tech Recyclers a call today! You can reach us at our Plainfield, IL facility at (630) 305-0922 or at our corporate headquarters located in Romeoville, IL at (866) 435-9223.