July 22, 2014

Musician Makes Sweet Music with Electronic Waste

Colten Jackson, an Illinois musician, has found an interesting use for electronic waste. Jackson, the founder of the ingeniously named Electronic Waste Orchestra, pieced together a bunch of old disc platters from hard drives to produce the “Hard Rock Guitar,” as reported by Margaret Rhodes of This young man is making great music while simultaneously keeping electronics out of the general waste stream. We think that’s pretty great!

According to Rhodes, “E-waste is a chronic environmental problem with fragmented solutions. A reported 50 million tons of obsolete electronics were thrown away last year…Jackson isn’t pretending to solve for that with the Electronic Waste Orchestra.” While Electronic Waste Orchestra may not provide a huge relief of the electronic waste issue, we’re glad to see people such as Colten thinking outside the box in response to this growing problem.

 Check out Colten playing his masterpiece here:

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