September 19, 2013

5 Steps of the Recycling System

Computer dumpEver wondered how recycling your old electronics can turn them into refurbished products? We have the answer with our 5 steps of the recycling system.

Step 1: The product is manufactured using several different natural resources and is shipped off to the stores to be sold. A big part of the first step is the user sending the old product off to be recycled. Once the user does that, we move on to the next step.

Step 2: The product is brought to Vintage Tech and we disassemble it and sort out all the pieces that can be recycled and send the rest of the pieces to be smelted down to their original state.

Step 3: The products go to a smelting plant where they are melted down to their raw state and sent back to the factory to be used to make other products.

Step 4: The pieces are sent to a factory where they are used to build new electronics. After they are built, the new products are then sold to suppliers.

Step 5: The supplier sells the new products to customers and the cycle starts again. 

What a simple way to save natural resources and eliminate environmental damage!